Our digital archiving Webinars give you an opportunity to learn more about digital archiving from your home or office and interact with others on the same journey. Our current series of webinars is being run under the theme: Reaching Your Audience Digitally

Preparing your material for upload to your digital archive

– arrangement, standards and tools

David Larsen and Bandile Sizani

Tuesday, May 26, 10 am – 11:30 am

Primarily using the free Adobe Bridge software, this webinar will show you how to prepare material for upload to your digital archive including issues of arrangement, file formats and standards.

This webinar is complete. Please see the recording below:

Introduction to IIIF

Glen Robson

Tuesday, June 2, 10:00 am – 10:50 am

This non-technical session will cover the basics of IIIF technology and the IIIF Community, including why the framework is helpful, how it works, and examples of how it can be used. This time slot is intended to be convenient for attendees in the UK Europe, and Africa.

NOTE: This event is part of the IIIF Week and preregistration is a requirement which you can do here. Once registered you will be sent the webinar URL.

Working with Metadata for your digital archive

– offline, online and in spreadsheets

David Larsen and Bandile Sizani

Tuesday, June 9, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Using the MEMAT Metadata App, this practical webinar will enable you to work with the MEMAT Metadata app as well as introducing you to the various types of metadata that will enrich your collection and aid discoverability for your users.

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Curating your collections digitally

– telling stories from your digital archive

Bandile Sizani and David Larsen

Thursday, June 18, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

This webinar aims to help you to understand the importance of story telling in reaching your audience and how to leverage the power of the MEMAT Curation Layer for engaging the public and driving traffic to your digital archive and website.

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Below are videos covering the material presented in the past three webinars in the “Reaching Your Audience Digitally” series.

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This is a summary of the content covered in the webinar “Reaching Your Audience Digitally: Why a digital archive will make all the difference”

This is a summary, geared to a particular organization, of the material covered in the webinar “A User’s Guide to MEMAT.”

This is the recording of most of the webinar “Administering your MEMAT System”