Twenty Ten wraps up

The Twenty Ten project is nearly wrapped up, though some exciting outcomes will still be revealed – including a book and an exhibition of some of the best of the work produced – and the content is still available for viewing and purchase online.
Looking back on the project, Dave Larsen, Director of Africa Media Online, outlines some of the successes achieved:

  • We did get the Twenty Ten material under the noses of editors of a significant number of leading publication in Africa and all over the World
  • We gained significant profile in leading industry publications
  • We built distribution systems that worked extremely effectively distributing content to all corners of the globe in short periods of time
  • We gave profile to numbers of African media professionals
  • We put the issue of Africans telling Africa‚Äôs story on the media agenda in the media industry
  • We made a lot of content accessible to a lot of people in Africa and around the world, primarily through trade exchanges
  • We sold some content that brought some initial revenue to the participating journalists
  • We will continue to sell content over the years ahead and to provide one platform for journalists to be commissioned

“In view of this our perspective as Africa Media Online is that this has been a worthwhile project. We attempted a very great thing and while we did not obtain everything we would have wished for, collectively we accomplished something significant.”