Twenty Ten Project Ends on a High Note

I have been in Amsterdam since Tuesday in meetings with the partners in the Twenty Ten project evaluating the project and the lessons we learnt out of it. Each of the partners, World Press Photo, lokaalmondiaal and ourselves, prepared reports and we had an independent evaluator sharing the results of her survey which looked specifically at the impact the project had on the journalists who participated. The partners has a pleasant surprise as story after story emerged of the positive impact the project has had on so many of the journalists from simply feeling a greater sense of competence in their work and respect among peers to gaining promotions, getting new jobs or significant commissions.
We have put our report online with links to published work from the project including galleries of all images that were published as well as a gallery of all images that were published more than once. View it here at Twenty Ten online report.

Above: Nikki Rixon’s image from the feature, Township Football, sold 8 times. It was the single image that was most published from all the thousands of images produced during the Twenty Ten project