Twenty Ten Project Dream Team photographer: Arnaud Thierry Gouegnon

Here is the fourth post in our series highlighting some of the content produced by individual members of the newly selected Dream Team. You can go directly to Africa Media Online to view the full articles and all images and gain publishing rights to them. The ‘Allstar’ and ‘Dream Team’ journalists of the Twenty Ten Project can be commissioned for specific projects in their home countries or in South Africa during the build-up to the 2010 World Cup. So, please feel free to contact us with story ideas you’d be interested in.
Arnaud Thierry Gouegnon of the Ivory Coast, has taken a series of interesting photo features over the course of the last several months. One of them has already been featured in an earlier blog post that highlighted the fact that we are now providing our stories in both English and French. Below you can find some images from a couple of Arnaud’s other photo features – Fabriquants de Maillots and Le Numero 9.