Memat 4 Tutorials

Memat is the web interface to the Preservatio digital preservation and access ecosystem. Memat 4 is the latest version of that web interface. If you are new to Memat 4 we suggest you go through all the tutorials below.  We have made them as brief and to the point as possible. We have divided the tutorials into three sections:

  • Access is primarily for users enabling them to gain access to the digital archive and to the content hosted on it.
  • Curate covers tutorials on making things on the digital archive. The first one is for users and the other two are for administrators.
  • The final section¬†Administrate is for those who have administration access to the system.

To view the relevant tutorial, click on the respective title


A brief overview of the Memat web interface to the Preservatio digital preservation and access ecosystem

How to register as a new user on Memat 4

How to perform searches in your digital archive

How users can order and download high resolution items and how administrators can manage download permissions


How to create, edit and share selections

How to create, edit and delete galleries

How to create, edit and delete timelines


How to add, edit and delete users in Memat 4

How to approve user orders for high res items as an administrator

How to edit the text on your Home, About and Contact pages

Set Universal Viewer permissions to allow or restrict specific users’ ability to view high resolution versions of items