How administrators can create, edit and delete timelines in Memat 4

2 minutes 6 seconds

Time Lines

In this short help video, we will be Looking at creating, editing, and deleting Timelines on the Memat system

1. logged in as an administrator, the first thing to do is to select the Timeline tab at the bottom left of your screen
2. In the pop-up window that appears you will be required to give your Timeline a title and description. This description can be added or changed later.
3. Click on the green submit button

if u look to the top right of your screen you will see it has been successfully created but it has no items
One way of adding images to a timeline is by
1. Type a Keyword into the search bar
2. Hover over the Media type and a couple of icons will appear, select the add to timeline Icon

3. Fill in the relevant information for the given fields in the pop-up box
4. Click submit, feel free to repeat this process for other media

How to delete some items, Change timeline Title/ Description and rearrange the order of items in the timeline. To do that you need to make sure that the Timeline tab is selected(bottom left of your screen) and make sure that the correct timeline is selected then select Edit as you can see you can edit the Timelines title and description and you can rearrange the order of items by dragging and dropping. You can delete an item by clicking on the bin icon and you can choose an item to be the representative thumbnail but clicking on the star icon. If we navigate to the Timeline page, you will see that those changes have been made. Finally, you might want to delete a Timeline. Again, make sure the Timelines tab is selected along with the correct gallery, click on Delete, and confirm. And that’s how you create, edit, and delete Timelines.