The Dream Team

So, it’s official: the Twenty Ten Dream Team has been announced! These great journalists from all over Africa will be heading to South Africa to cover the 2010 World Cup, while the remaining Allstars will continue to cover the event from their home countries.
We will feature some more of the Dream Team’s work on the blog over the coming weeks. But why not view or listen to all over their stories now?

Andrew Esiebo (M) Nigeria Photo  (EN)
Emmanuel Quaye (M) Ghana Photo  (EN)
Ahmed Jallanzo (M) Liberia Photo  (EN)
Arnaud Thierry Gouegnon (M) Ivory Coast Photo (FR)
Joseph Opio Kiracho (M) Uganda Print  (EN)
Nanama Keita (M) Gambia Print  (EN)
Mark Namanya (M) Uganda Print  (EN)
Selay Marius Kouassi (M) Ivory Coast Print  (FR)
Kennedy Gondwe (M) Zambia Print  (EN)
Anne Mireille Mbiacob Nzouankeu (F) Cameroon Print  (FR)
Davison Mudzingwa (M) South Africa Radio  (EN)
Andrew Kabuura (M) Uganda Radio  (EN)
Kofi Adu Domfeh (M Ghana Radio  (EN)
Rosemary Gaisie (F) Ghana Radio  (EN)
Yaya Boudani (M) Burkina Faso Radio  (FR)
Emelyne Muhorakeye (F)* Burundi Radio  (FR)