The Shutha Digital Campus at Michaelhouse

I am thrilled to announce that in April this year we will be hosting The Digital Campus at Michaelhouse in the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

For some years now we have been trying to conceive of a festival of digital training based in a beautiful but contained space. When we began to interact with Michaelhouse school in terms of digitising their archive, I thought this is the ideal place!

Two years ago we put a lot of effort in to building an online training resource for media professionals in the Majority World in collaboration with World Press Photo and with funding from the Dutch Postcode Lottery called Shutha. That resource has been used by training institutions all over the world and I have used it at a number of training events I have been invited to. But it has been some time since we have created an event focused on media professionals and media organisations. In 2013, however, we are fixing that and we have put together the Shutha Digital Campus aimed at professional media people including photographers, designers, picture researchers and others. It is an absolute privilege to have most of the team that put the Shutha resource together coming out to teach along with lots of top South African trainers. This will be run from April 2 to 13 in parallel with our Heritage Digital Campus and also with a documentary festival, which we are very excited about.

More details will follow shortly but I wanted to give you the “heads up” to book the first two weeks of April and be ready to travel to the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal midlands for a festival of training in building a digital archive that will last for generations.