Searching within a photographer’s collection

Picture buyers regularly come to the Africa Media Online picture library looking for the work of a particular African photographer.
Here’s a short tutorial in how to find a specific image that you might be looking for if you already know the photographer.
For my previous blog post I had to do just this. I  knew that there was an image taken by George Philipas of an African man holding a globe that I thought would be great for that post. So this is what I did, and what you can do to find those elusive images:
1) I put a short term relating to what was in the picture into the search box ie globe .  Putting a long phrase like “African man holding a globe” really reduces my chances of finding it.
2) I clicked on “advanced search” to the right of the page so that the advanced search box dropped down
3) I chose “George Philipas” from the subcollection list (all photographers should be in the subcollection list)
4) and then hit “Go”
51 images came up, with the one I was looking for among them.  If you click on the screen grab above you will see them all.
If you are still battling to find the image you are looking for you can also ask one of our picture researchers to help you by emailing  They are on our picture library site all the time and have a good idea of what our collection’s nearly 200,000 images contain.