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The women from Nazareth Baptist Church in Kwazulu N
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South African soccer World Cup: Vuvuzela worship
The women from Nazareth Baptist Church in Kwazulu Natal play their vuvzelas, known as Ibomu, in time with the African drums as a form of worship during their Sunday service. As South Africa has hosted the FIFA World Cup there has been some debate over the origin of the plastic trumpet. The Shembe, as the Nazareth Baptist Church is also known, has always used an air-horn as a centre piece in their religious rituals. Their claim is that the vuvuzela originates from their community and they would like some recognition of the fact. . . . . . . . (Andrew Esiebo/Twenty Ten/Africa Media Online)
South Africa
2010-06-20 11:23:10
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As South Africa host the 2010 football world, thing, matches, sounds, Vuvuzela, plastic trumpet, South Africa, soccer, musical, instrument, fans. Ear, horns, claims, SAFA south African football body as defended the use of vuvuzela, hospitality, Nazareth, Baptist church, shembe, inventor, vuvuzela. as imbomu, 1910, prophet, Isiah, founder, African, drums, dance, worship, God, cane wood, metal, miracles, football, fans, secular, commercial, success, recognition benefit, inventor merchant, production, Andrew, esiebo, Nigeria, world cup, fifa, 2010
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