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With a population of 148 million, Nigeria is not on
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Surviving dreams
With a population of 148 million, Nigeria is not only the largest country in sub-Saharan African but it may well be the most soccer mad. Any open space, be it an empty ground under a flyover, a beach or a market, can be found transformed into a makeshift football pitch; its player dreaming of becoming Nigeria’s soccer stars.‘Surviving Dreams’ is the story of coach/evangelist Sunny Omini, an ex-football star who promising career was cut short by injuries. He later went into coaching but quit suddenly to become a Christian missionary. Years later he returned to the game, setting up the Signal Meteor Football Academy, a grassroots training academy for young men in danger of social exclusion. Today, he works with around 30 young men on what he calls a ‘church on the field’, helping them to build a brighter future through soccer.
2009-03-08 08:46:31
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