Search Options

Searching by file name

Media files have 2 names – the Original File Name and the Image Number that MEMAT allocated to it when it was uploaded, e.g. 1009_729. You can search an item by putting the Image Number or the Original File Name into the search box.

Searching by keyword

If you have added metadata to your files – captions, keywords etc., then you can search using those words or phrases.

For example, if you put the words Cape Point into the search box it will search for items that have the word cape and the word point SOMEWHERE in the results, but if you had a picture with the words Green Point, Cape Town it would also appear in your search results.

Searching for everything

To see everything on your system you can put the word everything into the keyword search box. If you have a large number of files on your system this search may time out.

Search results

Search results are displayed by media type under different tabs depending on which media types you have enabled on your system, giving the number of results for each media type. Click on the tab to see the results for each media type: Photographs, Manuscripts, Footage and Sound. The media type with the most results will be highlighted by default.

By hovering over a thumbnail various icons appear. These same icons also appear next to the preview image if you click on the thumbnail.

Download Comp

A Comp is a low res watermarked image used for selection purposes. Comps of images can be downloaded by users when they are logged in.

Download Comp


The Zoom functionality opens the manuscript or image in the Universal Viewer. This works particularly well for browsing through a manuscript.

Universal Viewer