A scalable and flexible DAMS ideal as the access system to digital assets for media and corporate collections

Picvario is a powerful and flexible DAMS that is ideal for media and corporate collections. Africa Media Online’s Preservatio digital repository uses Picvario as the administrative middleware for its access module.

Picvario is incredibly flexible in terms of its deployment and its ability to draw on multiple storage instances:

• Picvario can be installed on premise on client servers or operate as a SaaS application on AWS servers
• You can use its in-built storage or it can be connected to external storage on S3-compatible services, FTP, Google Drive or Dropbox

Picvario enables you to specify access to digital assets, to whom they should be distributed and how long including:

• Time-based access permission
• Access at multiple levels from asset level to collection level
• Personalised access links
• Customise download rights

Picvario incorporates powerful AI tools for:

• Face recognition,
• Emotion recognition, and
• Object recognition

Picvario intorporates advanced multilingual support:

• Instantly translate title, description, keywords, alt text, licenses and copyright fields
• The platform supports numerous languages and writing systems
• Unlimited number of translations per field

Contact marketing@africamediaonline.com for a free online demo of Picvario

Africa Media Online has spent over two decades developing its Preservatio digital repository system and is now working toward incorporating the above best-of-breed digital curation systems from around the world into an integrated solution for the African market.

For a Free Demo of any of these Digital Curation Systems contact marketing@africamediaonline.com