African Pictures

If you are looking to license pictures and other visual content from Africa or you are a heritage or media organisation or a creative professional wanting to make use rights to your collections available African Pictures is more than happy to assist you or partner with you.


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Africa Media Online specialises in making African image collections available for licensing to customers worldwide.  All of our images are:

  • taken in Africa
  • supplied by Africans – creators, visual story tellers, heritage and media organisations and institutions
  • edited for quality

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Picture Library - Iziko Museum

Do you fit these requirements:

  • are you based in Africa?
  • do you have a significant collection of images taken in Africa?
  • do you have copyright to the images?
  • are you wanting to generate income through licensing parts of your archive?

Contact us on to let you know when we are taking on more suppliers.

African Pictures was founded by Africa Media Online (Pty) Ltd. and is a brand of Africa Media Online’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Africa Media Market (Pty) Ltd.