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APN28274: Graeme Williams/South Photographs

Africa Media Online is a professional marketplace based in South Africa. We sell publication rights to African photos, audio files and text produced by African journalists and deliver the required media files via high res download off this website.

We have over 150 000 African pictures available online. The emphasis of the company is to enable African's to tell Africa's story in the global arena.

Central to this vision is the development of indigenous photographers and photo archives. This vision is what makes us unique in the global picture market.  We enable picture buyers and photographers to access one another so that African photographers can tell Africa's story on the international stage.

You can find the images you require by searching or browsing the website.

Pictures can be browsed in galleries:

Features: These stories can be purchased as a whole package with text and images or as individual images

Events: Galleries of photos of Africa that have recently come in.

Compilations: Galleries of African pictures around a theme or category - industry, tourism...etc. A good way to get a feel for the type of images we have. These compilations are only a small selection of the images we have on these themes, please do some keyword searches to find specific images.

CDs: Royalty Free images sold on a CD - all African themes

African Calendar:  Galleries of images according to important dates - both anniversaries and special days.

A selection of our African images have been put into categories:

Commerce and Industry
Daily Life
Indigenous people groups
Social documentary
...and many others

We represent media from many of Africa’s top collections including, amongst others:
Africa Imagery
Art Publishers
Baileys African History Archive
Guy Stubbs Photography
South Photographs
....as well as numerous other agencies, archives, museums and independent photographers some of whom are available for commissions.

Most of our media are Rights Managed and price relates to usage, but some are Royalty Free with price relating to file size. 

Africa Media Online is a member of the British Association of Picture Libraries (BAPLA) and the Picture Archive Council of America (PACA)

Africa Media Online partners with other picture libraries around the world to distribute images to the global market.

For assistance with registration, searching, using lightboxes and purchasing images please see the “help” page.

Africa Media Online also specialises in digitising African image archives. Find out more on our Heritage site and follow David Larsen's Digital Heritage Manager blog.

Media Management:
Africa Media Online is powered by our MEMAT 3 technology.  For information on using MEMAT 3 for your own collections visit our Media site and follow David Larsen's African Media Entrepreneur blog.

Africa Media Online has been instrumental in the creation of Shutha.org - a free resource for professional photographers in the Majoirty World aimed at ensuring they can compete in both local and international markets for photography.

Or if you prefer, get an idea of what we are about by watching this online video.

Africa Media Online is Black Owned and a Level Three BEE Contributor.  Click here to download our BEE certificate.

Please feel free to contact us for assistance with picture research or to discuss rates or fill in the request

tel: 27-(0)33-3459445
Website: www.africamediaonline.com