Ordering Files

Ordering a file as a User

To experience ordering a file on your system from a User’s perspective you need to have a Buyer login without Download Status.

1. Login to the system.

2. Browse or search for the file/s that you want to download.

3. On the thumbnail or the preview image you will see a cart icon with the word ‘Order’ if you scroll over it.

4. Click to confirm the order and on the page it will confirm that your order has been placed. You can only order one file at a time. To order more files repeat the procedure for each one.

Approving an order as the administrator

The ball is now in the Administrator’s court. An email will arrive in the Main Administrator’s inbox saying that someone has ordered an item. To approve or deny that order you need to:

1. Login on the system as the Administrator.

2. Then go back to the email and click on the link in it.

3. This will take you through to a page on the system where you can approve or deny their request. You also have the person’s email address in their ORDER email, so you can discuss their usage with them before deciding whether to approve it or not.

Downloading the ordered file as a user

If you approve the order, the ball is back in the User’s court. The User will now receive an email saying that their use has been approved or disapproved. If approved the user will need to:

1. Login to the system.

2. Click on the link given in the email.

3. Once they do this they will be directed to a page where they can download the high-resolution file.

Watch the MEMAT: Ordering Files Video