Order and Download

How users can order publication quality items for download and how administrators can manage that process

2 minutes 35 seconds

Order and Download

In this short help videos, we will be Looking at how the users of the system can download high res versions of files in the digital archive. So, as a user, you must be registered and logged in in order to order high res media items.

1. Being logged in one must navigate to the items they would like to order. This can be through a search, or on the galleries page. When you hover over an item, you’ll see the Shopping Cart icon with a text order. Click on that.

The order Icon is also visible in the media preview window when you click on the item.

2. After clicking on the order Icon proceed to the pop-up box that appears select your country and then click the green add to order button

3. Once you have selected all the items that you would like to download, you can click on my order, which is the shopping cart icon next to the search bar.

4. On the order page that opens you can view items that are on the order list, and you can remove items from the list by clicking on the red cross next to the item.

5. Select confirm at the bottom of this page. And finally, click on Place order at the bottom of the Account Details page.

Your order has been placed but before you can get access to the high res media items your digital archives administrator will need to approve your order and release those items to you. They will receive an email with your order details.

Once that is done, you will receive an email saying that your order has been approved
To download your items :
1. login in as a user
2. Click on my account in the menu bar
3. Click on downloads on the page that opens.