Noor-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography

Both Claudia Hinterseer, Managing Director of NOOR, who I met at the World Press Photo Awards in Amsterdam last year, and Sandy Maytham-Bailey of Cape Town School of Photography (a APEP graduate) were in touch highlighting this very exciting project. I volunteered to send it out to all our friends and colleagues as I am convinced there are many of you who will not only be interested but also have the drive and skill to make a successful application for inclusion in what will be, no doubt, a brilliant training programme. So here is the info:

NOOR, Nikon and the Cape Town School of Photography invite photographers to submit their portfolios for selection for the 2012 NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in Documentary Photography. NOOR Photo Agency and Foundation and Nikon Europe BV support documentary photographers from emerging markets all over the world through the organization of annual motivational masterclasses. The 2012 program takes place in Cape Town, South Africa, organized in collaboration with the Cape Town School of Photography from 26 March through to 30 March. The masterclass will be accessible to young and aspiring documentary photographers and photojournalists who are South African or are from the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region with a valid passport. Previous educational projects by NOOR can be access by clicking here.

The Workshop

During the five days of the workshop, 15 participants, together with three member photographers of NOOR and NOOR’s managing director will share experiences, work on portfolios, improve editing skills and learn how to pick up and develop stories. Each day consists of intensive communication with the photographers on the subjects of technical features and the peculiarities of the international photo market. It is a unique opportunity to gain new knowledge, contacts, learn to tell stories in a visual language and develop personal vision. The workshop is free of charge; travel and accommodation will be organized by the local organization (possession of a passport and travel insurance is required to apply).


For submission you are required to have:

• Basic experience in documentary photography or photojournalism;

• A high level of motivation;

• English language skills (the workshop is in English, in case a translator is required, this can be discussed;

• A good technical understanding of your camera equipment (to be brought along), a working knowledge of the media environment and basic image management skills.

To apply you need to send a PDF file not exceeding 6 MB including:

• A CV including your contact information and a written text explaining your work and projects. Please clarify your involvement in photography by showing a proven track record, proof of a photographic training or at least 1-year experience of practice;

• Motivation letter (1 page);

• A portfolio of max. 30 images with text introductions and captions (please show your story telling skills by presenting at least one picture story of 8 images).

Please send your application to: before midnight Wednesday 22 February 2012.

If sending a PDF creates a problem, we accept links and word documents or alternative formats.

For more information visit the masterclass page on the NOOR site or contact NOOR via or tel. +31.20.6164040 or Skype: noorimages (Amsterdam). In case you are selected for the workshop, you will be asked to perform a short assignment to work on before the workshop starts.