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n-gage.io is a highly editable attraction management system that includes a web-based operator platform and visitor-facing mobile app that will digitally transform your visitor attraction. From location services and push notifications, to Bluetooth and in-built GPS, n-gage.io takes advantage of all the latest smartphone technology, delivering an out-of-the-box, yet highly customisable, visitor experience solution for the African attractions industry. Africa Media Online’s Preservatio digital repository uses n-gage.io as its audience engagement platform.

The n-gage.io attraction management software and mobile app helps to manage the entire visitor journey, whilst increasing your knowledge of their behaviour, to unlock insights & drive revenue:

• Enables seamless creation of engaging, interactive mobile optimised experiences pushed to the mobile app in real time
• Provides insights into visitor behaviour
• Integrates with other attraction industry software and digital ticketing and events management systems

A highly customisable mobile app to enhance the attraction experience, gain valuable insights, and drive revenue benefitting the visitor by:

• A feature rich branded mobile app enhancing the overall
visitor experience before, during and after a visit
• Delivering engaging content with interactive features to provide
real value and improve visitor retention
• Personalised notifications with offers and discounts
• Mobile wallet for tickets, memberships and vouchers
• Mapping, wayfinding and trails
• Education and learning features
• Plan your day and events schedule
• Capture your day photo frames

n-gage.io is a highly customisable platform in terms of your branding:

• Mobile app templates are fully customised in the operator platform to suit your brand
• From fonts, colours and logos, to custom map overlays, you have the power to brand the app the way you want it
• The operator platform also controls the apps core menu functions, including their description, allowing you to amend these live at any time, without the need for time consuming app store updates. Make a change, hit save, and it’s done
• You can even change the naming convention of any of the dynamic fields and features in the app to suit your attraction. Exhibits, rides, artefacts, musicians, speakers or retailers you have the power to label your content to suit

There are numerous opportunities for monetisation:

• Use the platform’s insights and segmentation features to promote highly targeted offers to your visitors based on their on-site activity
• Upsell your experiences, cross-sell F&B offers or target ticket upgrades
• Send offers in-app with push notifications or by email using the platforms custom email templates
• Seek feedback on your attraction activity following talks and events
• Use Bluetooth beacon technology to tigger in-app activity based on location, date or time insights to deliver a more personalised attraction experience

Contact marketing@africamediaonline.com for a free online demo of N-Gage

For a Free Demo of n-gage.io contact marketing@africamediaonline.com

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