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Xenophobia in Witbank

Andrew Kabuura/TwentyTen

Location: Witbank, South Africa

Fear of xenophobic outbreak after FIFA World Cup.

CUE IN: For the first time, the World Cup is in Africa, South Africa to be more precise. Just like the footballers’ fans, the soccer players are very excited, considering that a good performance for the latter will help them earn contracts at bigger European clubs.

However, there is always another side of the coin. Many people have lost jobs and crime in some parts has also increased. Andrew Kabuura is in Witbank, and now reports about a Burundian who has faced the dark side of the World Cup and could face it more after the tournament.

FX: Local music plays and fades 00:05secs

INTRO: The 2010 FIFA world cup coming to Africa meant a lot to the natives, especially those in South Africa. From the continent’s perspective, many have been hoping that the world’s biggest soccer festival comes with positives among which are job opportunities. Well, some have gotten the jobs while others have unfortunately lost theirs.

FX: More sounds from the stadium 00:04secs

LINK: A Burundian by birth, Ngenzi Buhoro’s World Cup could not have started on a positive note in his endeavour to earn money.

FX: Explains getting some space to do business 00:10secs

LINK: However, things quickly tuned sour for the Burundian with days to the 2010 World Cup.

FX: Explains losing the job 00:10secs

LINK: Married with two children, Ngenzi Buhoro says he’s a lucky man even after the eviction by FIFA.

FX: ...

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