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Waste in Orange Farm

Davison Mudzingwa/Twenty Ten

Location: Orange Farm, South Africa

AUDIO: Recycling initiative in Orange Farm.

CUE: Informal settlements are synonymous with all sorts of problems: shacks, lack of water and sanitation and dumpsites. In South Africa, images of service delivery protests have become a common feature. However, residents of the Orange farm community, 45 kilometres to the South of Johannesburg, are not waiting for the government to solve their problems. A grassroots initiative here aims to clear dumpsites through recycling. Davison Mudzingwa finds out more.

FX 1: GATE OPENING—00:05(Play, Fade Under)

LINK 1: 58-year-old Simon Sejutla has been opening this gate for the past fours years. This fenced property is noticeable by a medium sized corrugated warehouse and large recycling bins. This is the half-way house for waste collected in the Orange Farm community before it’s sold to recycling plants.

CLIP 1: SIMON—00:07”
I sort them, clean up and pay those who bring the waste.

LINK 2: Sejutla says although R800 he gets each month is not enough for all the basics he needs, he is grateful that he can at least support his family.

CLIP 2: GLADYS—00:07”
When we started the project of recycling, it started as a food gardening project...and we started checking the environment of our community

LINK 3: Gladys Mokolo, together with other women in Orange Farm, 30 years ago founded the Itsoseng Women’s recycling project. Literally translated, Itsoseng means Do-It-Yourself. This is slowly becoming a reality for these community members who are achieving two goals: a clean environment and income generation.

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