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Vuvuzela business

Davison Mudzingwa/Twenty Ten

The Vuvuzela business in Cape Town

CUE: Anxiety over the 2010 soccer World Cup is rising in South Africa. Not only is it for the love of watching great teams and famous players on African soil—but this is a great business opportunity for astute entrepreneurs. The Vuvuzela, a wind instrument derived from a Zulu meaning of noise and touted as uniquely African, is bringing big business in South Africa. Davison Mudzingwa looks at how this is happening.

FX 1: Vuvuzela sound in stadium-00:15” (Play, dip and fade out under)

LINK 1: This is a sound synonymous with football matches in South Africa. The vuvuzela sound is distinct. The trumpet shaped plastic instrument is popular with supporters here—they blow it non-stop during soccer matches.


LINK 2: The popularity of the vuvuzela comes with controversy. In the 2009 Confederations cup a Spanish player Xabi Alonso led a protest of critics who believe the piercing vuvuzela sound distracts concentration on the field. However for local premeirship side Santos midfielder Tawonga Chimodzi, the vuvuzela sound gives him the urge to play on.


It motivates, especially when we string god passes and supporters blow them...it's good.

LINK 3: And the football supporters agree. To them the same vuvuzela noise is music IN their ears.

FX 2: VUVUZELA MANUFACTURING-00:10”(Play, dip and fade out under)

LINK 4: For entrepreneurs, passion like this was an opportunity they wouldn’t let go. And it’s all about reproducing the sound made from blowing the horn of an African kudu. Neil...

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