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Soil for Life

Nikki Rixon

Soil for Life is an NGO based in Cape Town that teaches people how to create and maintain organic vegetable gardens. Participants learn vital knowledge and skills that they can use to empower themselves.

The NGO is working to “green” informal settlements/townships. Through creating green areas in otherwise unfriendly and often dangerous areas, self sufficiency has been established in the community and many problems have been alleviated, including poverty, waste management, social degradation and unsustainable environmental practices.

Soil for Life’s mission is to give poor and hungry people access to nutritious food by teaching them simple, low-cost, environment-friendly skills to grow their own organic vegetables. They strive to teach them how to maximize growing in small spaces, to conserve water and to make use of all available resources. People receive training in seed-saving, compost-making, plant propagation, food processing, health and nutrition, small business skills and working with money.

Soil for Life also organizes corporate team building events whereby employees spend a day assisting the local community to set up a vegetable garden in an underprivileged area of Cape Town. These events are highly successful and impart a sense of community and positivity to the participants.

Their work is not simply about gardening. It is about “growing” people so that they can help themselves - gardening for body, mind and soul. With systemic debt a reality the world over, more and more of us need to investigate the opportunities afforded to us by growing our own food. Furthermore, widespread use of pesticides and GM...

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