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Soccer Hero Namesakes

Samantha Reinders/TwentyTen

The Cape Flats, at one time a dumping ground for non-whites during the apartheid era, has become synonymous with violence, crime and poverty. But its inhabitants are also renowned for their love of football, with many famous soccer stars born and bred there.

During the 1994 Soccer World Cup, many parents named their children after football legends of that time. The likes of Romario, Silva, Henry and Ronaldinho inspired mothers and fathers to give their children a legacy that they might one day live up to.

Throughout the Cape Flats on dusty scraps of ground or grassy community areas, these football namesakes can be found kicking a ball about and honing their soccer skills. Whether it’s six-year-old Quinton Bogart from Mannenburg or 13-year-old Henry Noordewyk from Delft, these boys aspire to one day fill the football boots of their heroes.

With the World Cup soccer showcase about to kick off in their home country, who knows what future stars will be named after today’s players and go on to represent their nation in the years to come.

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