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Satellite soccer

Andrew Kabuura/Twenty Ten

English Soccer Overshadows Uganda's Donestic League

CUE: Uganda was one of Africa’s powerful soccer nations in the 1960s, 70s and early 80s. The Uganda Cranes finished fourth in the 1962 African cup of nations and did even better in 1978, only losing to the mighty Ghana in the finals. Football attracted a massive following in the East African country, with the local league playing to packed stadiums. All that has changed since English Premier League matches became available to Ugandan viewers on satellite television. Interest in the local league has since dropped dramatically.

Today, the biggest local matches in the Ugandan Super League can hardly attract 3000 spectators. Our reporter Andrew Kabuura is in Uganda and now brings us more on the demise of local soccer.

FX: Soccer fans in a local video hall watching a premiership match. 00:09”

NARRATION A: I am seated among about 200 soccer fans in a make-shift video hall commonly known as “kibanda” at the Kawempe trading centre, a Kampala suburb. We are watching premiership giants Manchester United in a tantalising clash with arch rivals Liverpool. Many of the fans here are dressed in the colours of their favourite team. They come in all ages. Any one of them can tell you the latest premiership news without hesitation. Such is their confidence that many have placed bets on the outcome of today’s encounter.

LINK: The atmosphere in here is electric.

FX 1: Fans celebrating 00:03”

NARRATION B: Premier League matches were first screened in Uganda in 1995. They took the...

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