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Nigerian soccer impact

Scara Johannes-Matundu/Twenty Ten

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

CUE: Over the years Nigeria has witnessed an exodus of soccer players who left the country to ply their trade in Europe and other rich nations. When these players return upon retirement or represent the Super Eagles in international tournaments, hopes are high back home – both their peers and the community that made them, expecting something in return for their support. One such player is Super Eagles’ captain Mwanku Kanu, who started a heart foundation in Lagos. Reporter Scara Johannes-Matundu, from NBC Radio, travelled to Nigeria to find out more.


LINK: When the former Arsenal player, Mwanku Kanu, was diagnosed with a heart problem that threatened his soccer career, so many doctors gave him no hope. However, he believed he could be heeled and after a successful surgery he went on to set up a heart foundation here in his home town Lagos. The Director of the Kanu Heart Foundation is Onyebuchi Abia, the man who bought Kanu his first soccer boots.

CLIP1: ABIA – 00:30” “In when Kanu was diagnosed................he established..........”

LINK: The Foundation has gone on to give back hope and a good reason to many Nigerians and other African people to live, by sending them to various clinics around the world free of charge. According to Abia this has been one of the successes of the foundation since its inception.

CLIP2: ABIA – 00:30 “....about 360 people have been cured.............and 600 are on waiting list.”

LINK: Onyebuchi...

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