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Nets for Life

John Robinson

Malaria is the illness of the poor, the poor are unable to defend against it and through illness the spiral of their poverty just goes on. The communities of southern Katanga in the DRC are being enabled against what has been for a long time a curse. Their land is a water rich place, it drives hydro electric , moistens the soil for abundant crops but, when it is allowed to lie in stagnant pools it provides the breeding place for the anopheles mosquito to implant a parasite and continuing the spiral of poverty. NETSFORLIFE clubs are found in the rural villages, and through education, drama and the provision of nets the malaise can be held back. Research shows that an increase of users of nets has shown a drop in malaria in the overall community. by simply ensuring that the mothers and their small children sleep protected by nets the prospects and health of the village increases. NETSFORLIFE is an active NGO, working to instill a “net culture” a community wide understanding of the protective value of nets and the right way to use and maintain them. When a net culture is in place, people know how to prevent malaria, when to seek medical treatment and how to access effective treatment. The result: less sickness, fewer deaths and stronger communities.

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