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Newborns Trust


Each year almost a million babies die in the first month of life due to complications of childbirth and more than a million die during labour and delivery. Over 99% of all newborn deaths occur in the developing world.

In South Africa, state healthcare facilities are hugely under-resourced and apart from high mortality rate of neonates, many post-natal women do not receive the support they need.

The Newborns Trust at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town addresses these challenges by assisting the Department of Neonatal Medicine to provide appropriate health care, research and training to support its function as a clinical model and an academic resource to improve the lives of infants and their families at a regional and national level in South Africa and Africa.

The Unit offers ventilatory support to over 400 infants per year and is a specialist referral centre for infants who are known to have life-threatening abnormalities before they are born.

It also offers opportunities to strengthen and integrate newborn care to reach those who need it most.

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