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Child Rape Crisis

George Philipas

Child Rape Crisis in Khayelitsha.

CHILD MAC Got you, got you! You owe me a chocolate banana!
UNCLE BOBBY Not so fast, little one.
(With a twist, Uncle Bobby, who is much stronger, is on top of Mac, pinning him down)
CHILD MAC Ow, Uncle Bobby, you’re hurting me.
UNCLE BOBBY You should have thought of that before you tried to get the better of me.
MAC (In some distress) Please Uncle Bobby, you’re too heavy, you’re squashing me and I can’t breathe.
(Bobby gets off Mac, who picks himself up, and brushes himself off. He’s not happy)
MAC (upset and a bit sulky) That really hurt, Uncle Bobby! I don’t think I want to play with you anymore.
UNCLE BOBBY I know a great game… but…
MAC What? What?
UNCLE BOBBY (stage whisper) Well, it’s a secret game that only monkeys know, and monkeys play.

‘Can’t Touch This!’
A Mac Monkey Adventure for Pre-Schoolers
By Gordon P Billbrough

This play was performed in Xhosa at a Primary School in Khayelitsha as part of a child awareness campaign to educate children as young as 4 years old as to the dangers of approaches by friendly older people, be they family friends or even relatives.
When I read a transcript of the play, I was at first somewhat taken aback. By Western standards, the play is graphic in detail. But as one of the actors in the performance group explained, ‘It has to be, child rape is a crisis here.’

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