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Danse Nekang

The upper chieftaincy of Baleng village in western province, Cameroon was founded about 400 years ago by the Bamiléké tribe. In this traditional society from birth boys and girls are considered equal. All boys aged at least 10 years must undergo a series of initiation tests that lasts two weeks, this is a mandatory ritual. The initiation happens in the sacred forest of the chieftaincy every 2 years during the "NGUAN-NGUAN Baleng (Years of Traditional Baleng Dances) . All the children are gathered in this forest and are subjected to severe tests of initiation by notable initiators called “MEKAMCHIS”. Many obstacles are faced (fierce animals, disease and death). These cause many failures, during which they are supported by women of the Village through food, drink, advice and moral assistance. At the end of the races all the winners are considered as valid men of the society. This ritual is crowned by the NEKANG dance, during which the initiates, each in their own way, publicly demonstrate all the values ​​and powers acquired during the two weeks with ancestors in the forest.

Titre: Danse Nekang by Jean-Pierre Kepseu
Nombre de photos: 29
Description:La chefferie supérieure du village Baleng dans la province de l'ouest - Cameroun est la toute première de la tribu Bamiléké fondée il y a environ 400 ans
Dans cette société traditionnelle dès que l’on naît, et en dépit des caractères sexuels qui permettent de faire la différence entre fille et garçon, tous les êtres humains sont égaux. Ainsi pour...

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