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Children of Africa

Children of Africa Portrait Series

George Philipas

Looking back I have often wondered what it was that made such a strong impression on me the first time I visited Africa as a tourist at the age of 17.
Without a doubt the single most powerful memory is that of African children. Radiating and beaming with smiles and energy and shouting out the universal greeting of 'How are You?!' in an almost chant-like manner. I felt an emerging passion that would see me re-visit the Continent again and again in my work until eventually moving first to Kenya and now to South Africa.
Little did I know back then that over a decade later I would of had the honour to work so closely with them, with a variety of high-profile charities and NGO's. This is a small cross-section of that work and a tribute to their courage and to their blissful happiness often in the face of such harsh adversity.
I have been careful with each picture not to appeal to a sense of pity towards the subjects, something which of course has been overdone and meets these days with an unreceptive audience. I have tried to make the series visually informative about the environment of each child and dynamic and colour-rich. There is also a subtle element of the surreal which in my opinion helps to highlight the unbelievable energy and happiness in the face of hardship which many in the modern Western world find hard to comprehend. ...

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