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Business and life

The big question everybody asks: "What is the economic impact of this first World Cup on African soil?" While the world has generally focused on the big-business stories, we look at some of those who tried to benefit personally, from prostitutes, to township dwellers who opened guesthouses, to craft and road-side foodsellers...

Of course, the very context of this World Cup, probably more than any previous one, is a nation and continent of 'haves' and 'have-nots' - of a great disparity between rich and poor. So other stories look at the everyday lives of those who toil invisibly to earn a living: immigrants who follow traditional business niches, to illegal miners in the land of gold...

Associated photo features: Black diamonds, City of Gold, Sex workers, Football brings hope, Footballs made to last, La passion du football, Fabriquants de maillots, Docteur des ballons, Congolese car guards, Pantsula dancers, Township guesthouse, Street photographer, Team doctors, Artistes de la plage, Burundian hairdressers

Associated multimedia features: Alexandra Guest house, Township rentals, Barbara's Dream, Dreams shattered

Associated text features: Drogba jerseys, Textile industry suffers, Hidden costs

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