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Health and Welfare

This gallery gives an overview of some of the pictures of African Health and Social Issues available on Africa Media Online. World Aids day is observed on 1 December every year to highlight the HIV/Aids crisis. Note that no usage may be made of images in relation to socially sensitive topics without prior written permission. Please do specific keyword searches to find other images of African health and welfare on this site.

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"Health and Welfare"

Angola, Luanda, Kilamba Kiaxi Municipality on the o
040109-EMI01.jpg  SWAZILAND, MANZINI. October 2003
Angola, Luanda, Cacuaco Municipality, 24 January 20
AIDS2000 Conference, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South A
Maternity ward in Cape Town's Grooteschuur hospital
Scientist in a lab. Model released MRP0222
Kwazulu Natal - Feb.2002 HIV/Aids  Oral Testing kit
Photo  Eric Miller/2004 Impumelelo Awards projects
And HIV/Aids counsellor conducts an HIV test at a r
A nurse takes a blood test from an HIV positive cli
Mozambique, Chiuta District, Mavuzi Ponte Village,
ipjr09986211 november 2005  Petunia Sepeng resident
020210-EMI04.jpg  Kwazulu Natal-So. Africa- Ingwavu
Angola, Luanda, Kilamba Kiaxi Municipality on the o
New York, USA An aids patient examined by a doctor
Soweto, Johannesburg. South Africa. 12/5/99 Chris H
Mpumalanga Province, Kabokweni Phaphamani Home Base
An African mother bathing her infant in a tub on th
Scientist in a lab. Model released MRP0222
Black African girl at tap in township, South Africa
Uganda, KampalaTASO (the Aids Support Organisation)
Kwazulu Natal. Durban February 2004. Lifeline Durba
Mpumalanga Province  , near Mooiplaas    Masakhane
Kwazulu Natal Volunteer HIV/Aids worker in local to
Bushman.(San). Man. Acting as a translator in a cli
DG0184, South Africa, Mpumalanga, late 90'sPrimary
DG0079,South Africa, Johannesburg, 1990's: Baragwan
A mother shows her  twins  suffering from Malnutrit
GW0242, South Africa, Johannesburg, 1997: Reitfonti
GW1519, South Africa, Johannesburg, 1990\
GW1547, South Africa, Johannesburg March 2004. Tabz
Zambia, Lusaka. 1/2003 Children in a community cent
PXDG0040 South Africa, Johannesburg,2000.Anti-Retro
GW1615, South Africa, Carletonville, 2003: Direct O
Kwazulu Natal, Hillcrest/Molweni. 11/2003 Ntombenhl
PXGW0011, South Africa, Johannesburg, Randfontein 1
GW1312, South Africa, Johannesburg, 1990: A Hobo sl
GW1789, Lesotho, 6/2004: Women at the peadriatrics
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