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Musical Instruments

Africa boasts the widest variety of indigenous musical instruments of any continent. We are privileged to have the images from the International Library of African Music (ILAM), the greatest repository of African music in the world, available for licensing.

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"Musical Instruments"

Mudumbu with his twelve noted Likhembe type of mbir
Zulu people Makhweyana bow player 1 July 1939 2 , Z
Francios Kokomendre with the Seki board zither. Can
One player of the trumpet from Mabudu. The Mabudu a
Traditional Sotho drum.
At Chief Tshidi 5 , Performance , International Lib
Francios Kokomendre with the Seki board zither. Can
Jane Notinki Mdyogolo uhadi bow, ILAM about 2000 ,
Tying nyamanganane on to frame with mururu palm tre
Lupa people - Chisanzhi cha Lungandu lamellophone.
IPARJ4514, South Africa, Johannesburg, 2005. A play
Okashanje , Ovambo , Unknown , International Librar
Mongonika, an expert on the Kundi harp at Nguru, Bu
Ngororombe panpipes of Shona Karanga people in Masv
Sitolotolo mouth bow. Tube with two end sections of
Luo man playing a string instrument, Ngomongo Villa
Intore dancing,Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
NIGED:SOCIAL:CULTURE:SEP 1959 The North's Great Dur
Naro bushman (San) playing music, Central Kalahari,
Naro bushman (San) tying rattle pods around his leg
Timbila , Chopi , Hugh Tracey , International Libra
Samuel Akpabot 1974. From left to right: (a) skin d
Nande people, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
Boy holding Nyungwe karimba mbira with its gourd re
Chopi Timbila xylophone orchestra playing at Chief
Kung Bushman boy playing the long hunting bow  , Ku
Photo  Eric Miller/2004
Luba man playing the mishiba panpipes. Kabongo, Lua
ISLANDWANA - 21 January 2006 - A Zulu warrior blows
AFRICA, UGANDA -   Ugandan Musical instruments on d
LW0055, Ghana, Accra, August 2000: Deri Benoa weave
AFRICA,KENYA - Exquisitely carved ivory Siwa played
Makhwenyana Bow Showing bent arm position of playin
Donlad Kuchamba, playing pennywhistle (kwela flute)
Malipenga kazoos from the Chewa people of Malawi. I
mural depicting a kora player, the Gambia
Pygmy Bean Pod scraper and leg rattle from Democrat
Shambini at home, domestic scenes and making timbil
Xylophone players , Chopi , Hugh Tracey , Internati
At Shembes Church of Nazareth. Warming the drums. I
2 Chitende gourd bows. Smaller is Chopi, larger is
Basotho shepherd playing a lesiba (traditional inst
Chikunde people at Tete. Kadimbwa bow. Tinand bottl
One group of chokwe lived on the left bank of the K
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