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This gallery gives an overview of some of the pictures of African children available on Africa Media Online. Please do specific keyword searches to find other pictures of African children.

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MULTIPLE USE IMAGE. Model released MRP0150. Oreoluw
GW1885 South Africa, KwaZulu-natal. Rural: A young
Multi racial school children sit and chat in the pl
Children play on the jungle gym that was constructe
South Africa, Cape, McGregor (2 hours drive from Ca
DG0162.  South Africa, Kwa-Zulu Natal.  May 1990. T
Kraaifontein, W. Cape     First day of term at form
Schmitsdrift, N-CapeA young girl drinks from one of
Northern CapeYoung girl drinks from communal water
GW1925 Lesotho, 2004, Rural . A young boy. children
AB0030, Malawi, 2000: Rural scene. Young boy, child
Baby in a bath on the floor
Little girl with her dinner of fish fingers and veg
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