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Bailey's African History Archive

Bailey's African History Archive (BAHA) holds 40 years of material from all the editions of Drum Magazine and it's various sister publications - Golden City Post, Trust, True Love and City Press. The Archive contains a wealth of information from politics to culture and complexities of the vast Anglophone African nations.

Content of the Archive:
Drum: South Africa 1951-1984 Post: South Africa 1955-1970
Drum: East Africa 1957-1992 Trust: West Africa 1971-1980
Drum: West Africa 1954-1958 Trust: East Africa 1971 - 1980
Drum: Nigeria 1958 -1982 True Love: South Africa 1980 - 1984
Drum: Ghana 1958-1972 True Love: East Africa 1980-1992
Drum: Central Africa 1960-1967 City Press: South Africa 1982-1984

1000's of Baileys African History Archive images are available for licensing on Africa Media Online. Many of the Drum Covers are also available for publication.

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"Bailey's African History Archive"

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