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Koos van der Lende

Koos van der Lende is a leading South African landscape photographer. His portfolio of work is a testimony of his formidable artistic talent and unrelenting dedication to the art of photography.

After completing his studies at the School of Photography in The Hague, Van der Lende soon returned to southern Africa where his passion for photography was first birthed.

Having spent more than twenty years devoted to his vision, he has now completely abandoned the studio for the outdoors, where he spends most of his year photographing series of limited edition work. The artist rejoices in the blending of natural and artificial light and spends days researching the ambience of each potential composition. In his work he steers away from registration photography, rather seeking out the visual characteristics that support investment art imaging.

Working from Pretoria, South Africa, Van der Lende mostly shoots in panoramic format which definitely breaks traditional approaches. Humbly, he claims that his work is merely a reflection of his love for God's creation and the wonderful moments of grace it has given him.

Over 600 of Koos van der Lende's images are available on Africa Media Online.

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"Koos van der Lende"

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