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The Didier Drogba fever

Thierry Gouegnon/Twenty Ten

A feature from the Soccer World Cup 2010: Ivory Coast

Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Didier Drogba commands a cult following in the Ivory Coast. Fans hang his picture in their homes and places of work, vendors fill their stalls with football shirts printed with his name, and one man has gone as far as to name an entire village ‘Drogbakro’ in his honour.

The talented captain of Ivory Coast’s national team, The Elephants, has become a brand name. A brewery in Abidjan has produced a beer called ‘Drogba’ and a local mobile phone company has released a new line of cell phones with the player’s name emblazoned on its cover.

Whether it is an individual fan who names his son after the football legend, or a pub that shows its loyalty by having posters of Drogba on its wall, the people of Ivory Coast go to great lengths to show the depth of their respect and admiration for one of their nation’s greats.

Lieu: Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

De tout les grands footballeurs nationaux et internationaux que la Côte d’Ivoire a connu, le capitaine actuel des « éléphants », (l’équipe nationale ivoirienne de football) ; Didier Dgrogba est celui qui a le plus conquis le cœur de bon nombre de fans de foot tant sur le plan national qu’international. Beaucoup d’entre eux ne jurent que par lui, un amour sans limite dont ils sont des milliers à lui exprimer directement ou indirectement soit, en lui dédiant...

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