MEMAT 4 Tutorials

If you are new to MEMAT 4 we suggest you go through all the tutorials below.  If you have a particular query just click on tutorial you need


An introduction to logins in MEMAT 4

Search and Browse

How to find media on your system


Creating and Editing Selections

Administrating MEMAT

How to manage your own system

Administrating Users

How to add users to your system

Editing Pages

To start the process the first stage is to sign up

Creating Blog Posts

Use Word Press to create blog posts


Creating and editing galleries

Accessing High Res

Accessing high resolution versions of your files

Ordering Files

How users can order files from you

Logging faults

How to communicate with us about your system


How to access stats for your system

Image Standards

How to prepare images to go onto your system

Metadata Standards

Creating and editing galleries