MEMAT Help Videos: Introduction to Logins

We have been hard at work recently producing help videos for just about every aspect of the MEMAT user experience. MEMAT is Africa Media Online’s digital asset management (DAM) system for the long-term archiving of digital media collections.
While we have had a MEMAT help website for a number of years, and we tend to give personal training to MEMAT site administrators and their assistants, we’ve held off on the help videos until now as the system was still maturing. Over the past month we have been populating most of the help pages on the site with videos that explain the functionality in question. Most help pages on the site now have both a video and step by step text instructions with illustrations.
These videos are aimed at those who already have a MEMAT site, but for those looking in, it can help to give you some insight into the system. Starting at the beginning, the first video we’d like to introduce you to is an Introduction to Logins. This brief introduction is a good starting point for understanding how the system benefits various types of users.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 10.23.45 AM