How to perform a search for material on the Memat 4 web interface

2 minutes 37 seconds


In this video, we’re going to be exploring the search function on your Memat digital archive. Memat is a digital asset management system that allows its users to not only preserve digital assets for the long run, but to also engage with them, usually images, documents, video and audio files. One of the primary ways for you and your community to engage with those preserved digital files is through the search function. How does that work?

You can search for images, videos, audios and documents files using their metadata(That’s information that describes or gives information about the particular media type.)


Another Search function for documents includes searching by using the text inside the document, such as a person’s name with the help of OCR or Optical Character Recognition. Eg : by typing Cassidy into the search bar , all documents with the name Cassidy will show up

You can perform a global search across all documents in the digital archive.

Another search fucntion that oneĀ  can perform is an intradoc search (Searching within the document itself) within an individual document for specific word.


Let’s look at the various search criteria that you can use. You can search by descriptive metadata, So If you type Cassidy in the search bar, that out puts all relevant results across media types. We can search by media ID, This is a unique identifier for each item in the digital archive, The same will apply to search by image number. To see everything that is in the archive you can also search by typing everything into the search box .You can change the number of search results you want to see .