Meet our New CEO

Sandile Swana
Sandile Swana, incoming CEO of Africa Media Online (Pty) Ltd

Sandile Swana is no stranger to Africa Media Online. He invested in the company in the mid-to-late 2000s and has been Chair of the company’s Board since then. In 2021, however, he took over the management of the company from myself, company founder, David Larsen. Sandile brings to the role significant experience in managing and growing companies.


A graduate of St John’s College in Mthatha (then Umtata), in 1988 Sandile started his professional career as a trainee in the Anglo American Head Office Cadet Scheme. His training was under the Finance Systems Administration Department which provided all computerized finance systems to Anglo. Part of the training was to complete a BCom in Business Information Systems and Economics at Wits University.

Sandile worked for the New York Times after leaving Anglo, as a Bureau Assistant. He then joined Caltex Oil Retail and provided business advice and support to dealers. He spent seven years in the oil industry. Half of that was as a dealer principal. Beyond that he participated in a wide range of corporate finance deals in diverse industries. These deals included companies such as MTN and Avid.

In the ICT sector Sandile has been a director of Sable Data Works which developed and supplied Geoscientific Software to the mining industry. He was one of the founding directors of Convergenet Holdings Limited which specialized in ICT infrastructure. In 2015 he started a software development company, Sable Assets, which still supplies bespoke software to businesses. Sandile holds five university degrees and is a part-time lecturer at the Wits Business School.


It has been a privilege to have Sandile come on board to help steer the company forward in its next phase. I am moving into the role of Director of Business Development which gives me the space to focus where I am best – vision, innovation, marketing and sales. I am excited for all that Sandile brings to the business. During the course of 2021 we have witnessed his business wisdom in action making strategic changes that maximize the gifts in the team and bring focus, measurement and discipline to the running of the business.