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The ideal work-in-progress DAMS for gathering and enriching digital assets

Mediagraph is a scalable B2B, cloud-based digital asset management platform that allows organizations to acquire, organize, store and share media files. Africa Media Online’s Preservatio digital repository uses MediaGraph as its work-in-progress module enabling the gathering and preparation of files for ingestion into the permanent repository.

Manage media assets right across your organisation setting up each department with their own area, including external contributors and collaborators:

Unlimited users, admins, and groups
Easy multi-departmental setup
Wall-off users, storage, and content
Preview any user group access
Unlimited federated accounts available with Enterprise

Attach meaning and context to people, places, and things:

• Capture metadata against files or multiple files
• Organise media into consistent taxonomies
• AI enabled speech to text transciption for video and audio
• AI enabled auto-key wording
• Attach to linked data and information

Powerful management of rights for all digital assets so you never infringe rights:

Customizable rights tagging
Embeddable rights statements
Attach contracts and releases
User agreement upon upload
Filterable rights status
All assignable by drag-and-drop

MediaGraph has advanced integrations with workflow tools such as Adobe and Zapier:

• Integration with Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, InDesign, Premier
• Integrations with Dropbox,, Google Drive
• Integration with Webhooks such as Zapier
• Integration with CI Hub an all-purpose connector providing integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and other applications including Google Workspace, WordPress, Microsoft 365, Dropbox, web development tools, rights management and more

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Face Tagging

Mediagraph AI now includes facial recognition. You can easily train Mediagraph to recognize people in your account and automatically tag photos that include the person.

Mediagraph’s implementation is unique among DAM applications because it integrates with the existing Person Tags feature. Person Tags can be applied to any file in the system, including documents, web links, videos, and photos that don’t contain faces. This provides a comprehensive way to build knowledge about a person.

The integration of Face Tags with Person Tags allows you to automatically find and tag nearly every photo of that person.

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