Managing images across a company

Africa Media Online has an amazing digital asset management system that we have been building over the past 14 years called MEMAT. We use it to store, safeguard and manage the collections we represent to publishing and broadcast markets through What is less known is that we also make the system available to other organisations to manage their own digital collections (images, video, audio and manuscripts). What we have never done before is to create an introductory video to MEMAT to help you understand what it is and why it could help to solve a significant problem most of us face.
If you have photographs – old and new – that should be shared within your company and even across branches, this might just work for you. It could save you money licensing images if everyone in your company were able to access (search, display, sort and download) the photos from the shoots you have already done.
If you have used for your picture needs you already understand the front end of the software – although, if you don’t want to sell use rights you do not need to have that feature included in your system.
To find out more watch the video below, read more… or send me your questions –