Management Phase

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This is the phase that is often not planned for. It is also the phase that extends ever onward into the future. It is the phase in which the digital collection is preserved, migrated, accessed and used. Failure to plan for this phase and the associated costs of this phase leads to disappointing and failed projects. It is also the phase where organisations often need significant assistance. Africa Media Online has worked hard to develop systems and products that provide this assistance at industry-leading standards in a cost-effective manner. We have a number of products and services in this area that may be of assistance to you achieving your objectives:

  • Digital Repository – Storing your digital collection in such a way that it will not be deleted or corrupted or lost and so preserved for generations to come is no mean feat. Africa Media Online’s MEMAT 3 suit of collection management products provides highly sophisticated yet cost-effective solutions in this space. Our MEMAT Digital Vault, for instance, ensures digital authenticity while providing fully redundant backup and version control for digital files.
  • Access Systems – In most cases the primary benefit derived from a digitisation project is the increased access you can give your target audience to the collection. How to do this in a way that gives access yet secures the files and controls use rights is the solution provided by our MEMAT 3 Web Interface.
  • Representation – Most organisations are not geared to dealing with publishing and broadcast markets, yet supplying these is often an important part of the education or promotional objectives of an organisation and may also be a part of the plan to sustain the digital collection. Africa Media Online has worked hard for over a decade to build systems, processes, relationships and structures that have resulted in a digital trade route to African and international publishers, broadcasters and product markets which takes into the account the nuances and sensitivities associated with the appropriate use of your digital collection.

Above: Left to right – A data centre in Durban, South Africa. Such data centres provide safe and stable environments for hosting servers; Hollandse Hoogte’s Adriaan Monshouwer at the offices of Hollandse Hoogte picture agency in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Hollandse Hoogte is one of Africa Media Online’s close to 30 agents worldwide.
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