Logging Faults: Bugherd

MEMAT 4 uses BUGHERD to enable System Administrator/s to log faults on their systems. To use BUGHERD you need to download it on the browser(s) that you use.

1. You will receive an email inviting you to join Bugherd. Accept this invitation.

2. Install Bugherd for your browser(s).

3. Sign in to Bugherd and ask it to keep you signed in so that Bugherd will automatically appear on your MEMAT System whenever you are on it.

4. Now when you go onto your MEMAT System you will see an arrow appearing bottom right of any page.

5. Click on the arrow to open Bugherd. When you want to log a ticket click on the green plus sign.

6. Then click on the part of the page where your fault is focused and fill in all the details about the fault and submit it.

7. You will receive feedback on your fault by email. You can update details regarding the fault at any time.