Jodi Bieber Appeals to International Community in Tears for Anton Hammerl

I witnessed Jodi Bieber became emotional during her acceptance speech of the World Press Photo of the Year Award as she appealed to the international community and the press to press for the release of South African photographer Anton Hammerl being held in captivity some.
The award ceremony was held at the prestigious Musiekgebouw in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Jodi was speaking to an audience that filled three quarters of the large opera house and which included picture editors from prestigious publications all over the World. Bieber even resisted being stopped from talking to turn her attention to Hammerl. Having spoken for some time about her picture of Bibi Aisha, World Press Photo Manging Director, Michiel Munneke, attempted to wave her from stage but she refused to leave until she could make the appeal to all present to use whatever means possible to highlight the issue until Anton is released. Hear what Jodi said about Anton Hammerl.
Jodi Bieber has broken stereotypes about winners of the World Press Photo of the Year Award in more than one way. She is an African, she is a woman and she won with a portrait photo. All are unusual in the history of the award.

Above: Jodi Bieber delivering her acceptance speech for the 2011 World Press Photo of the Year Award. PHOTO: David A. Larsen
Above: Winners of the 2011 World Press Photo awards including South Africans Jodi Bieber (second from the right back row), Thomas Peschak (fourth from left middle row) and Mike Hutchings (third from left middle row partly obscured). PHOTO: David A. Larsen