Video Introduction to MEMAT

We’ve never created a video that gives the context for our archival digital repository system called MEMAT and why it is that such systems are needed by everyone really… at least everyone who needs or wants to keep their digital media for the long term. There is always a first time though, so here it is and we hope it educates and clarifies what we are on about.
We began to build our first version of MEMAT in 2000. At the time one of the partners in Africa Media Online was The Blue Box – a software development company. I remember the owner of the company, Paul de Villiers, being enamoured of my idea to build a system to put images online and sell use rights to them. He thought programming the system was going to take him a weekend…! It took a whole year to get MEMAT 1.0 launched.
Since then we have rewritten the MEMAT code from the ground up twice over and we have expanded it to be applicable to a wide range of organisations and market sectors as well as building it into a full multimedia system. The video below reveals something of why we built MEMAT in the first place and the problem that organisations face that it seeks to solve.