Iconic Kwa-Zulu Natal image

My family home has had this image by John Hone’s on the wall for more than 2 decades.  Living in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, this is an image that one sees everywhere. It uniquely captures the province from Berg to Beach.  The image was taken by John Hone in 1988.

Berg to Beach: John Hone/Art Publishers/Africa Media Online

This iconic image of the province was captured last year again by Steve McCurrah after three years on ‘stand-by’ waiting for the correct weather.

Berg to Beach: Steven McCurrah/Africa Media Online

Steve says: “I took it upon myself to badger John Hone into capturing an update, offering in the exercise that I provide the aviation and he do the photography. This goes back four years and at the time John was immediately keen for this and right behind the idea, but he was battling leukaemia at that stage and not up to it. John insisted however that I should go it alone. Very sadly John succumbed to his fight against the leukaemia in early May 2012. John’s original Beach to Berg has in it the old power station cooling towers of New Germany, the oil tanks at the Point where uShaka stands today, of course the new Moses Mabhida Stadium is not in the original and nor is The Pavilion.”