How to create and send lightboxes

Here are step-by-step directions for creating and working with lightboxes on  In the past, physical lightboxes were used for viewing slides with a light behind.  On our website a lightbox is a place where you gather pictures that you like on a particular subject which you can then use to make a final selection.  Lightboxes can be emailed as low res images or as a link back to the site, enabling you to share your selection with others.
1) Sign up or login on
2) Search for images you want to add to your selection
3) Create a new lightbox for the topic you are busy searching for.  To do this click on “new lightbox” at the bottom of your search results page:

4) Give the lightbox an appropriate name:

5) Click “add to lightbox” under the thumbnails of the images you like.  The lightbox by default floats at the bottom of your page in a minimised form:

6) You can maximise the floating lightbox so you can quickly see what is in it without moving off your search results page by clicking on “maximise” bottom right of the page:

7) From the floating lightbox you can click on “email” which will enable you to send a link to this lightbox to someone else.
8) You can go into your lightbox proper to view the images at thumbnail size by clicking on “view lightbox”. From this page you can elect to email a link or, alternatively some comps (low res watermarked versions) by clicking on the appropriate link.  The rest of the lightbox options will be covered in another post.